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The One with No Ads

(Insert Fun Copy)

Video/Stop Motion

Freeze Frame Cut

Starbucks- Brew Adventures


Air jordan-03.jpg

Nike X Off-White

Illustration of the famous shoes by Nike X Off-white collection. 

Among Us

Impostor artwork based on the famous pandemic game "Among Us"

Daddy imp -01.jpg
Never love a wild thing-01.jpg

Favorite Crime

Final part-06.jpg

Wild Thing

Hover on the below images for more fun :)

Anchor 1

Graphic Designs
(The one with messing for hours on Photoshop to create something fun)

spidet .jpg


A typography based movie poster for the movie "Spiderverse" with its famous dialogue-
"That's all it is Miles, A leap of Faith"

New York, New York

SQZ_packaging_01 copy.png
(1) COVER copy.png

Album art

Fanart of the character from the series "I know what you did last summer"

(All the pictures were clicked by a phone camera)

मुंबई (Mumbai)

2019-12-27 12.26.39 1-01.jpeg
2020-03-09 08.21.45 2.jpg
2020-03-09 11.13.52 2-01.jpeg
2020-04-29 02.22.34 1.jpg
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