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Stationary bike programs like Peloton and Spin Class account for a multi-billion dollar industry. Many of these indoor cyclists do not currently ride outdoors.

To prove that Toronto Bike Share can provide all the same benefits of any spin class out there, we took the best features of spinning - engaging coaches, dynamic playlists, community building, and trackable metrics - and added them to the Bike Share App. Riders would further be rewarded for completing their milestones with Spin Coins which could be used to facilitate payments towards overage fees and future Bike Share -bike rentals.


OOH Billboards.

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01 copy.jpg
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App Work.

mock up phone.png
mock up 2.png
mock up 3.png
Front copy.png
Front c3y.png
Front  2copy.png



AD: Divya Jain
CW: Joshua Lang

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